It's been a minute...

It’s taken me a minute, but I’ve switched over to an email client for my newsletters (makes my life easier for me in the long run) - while it might be likely that I’ll send out emails at about the same pace, since writing is slow and requires some thought, I think the switch will be conducive to some more consistent communication from me. Anywho...on to my recent musings

This month I want to talk about “rules”

It’s almost compulsive, developing, and then following rules and guidelines for my art practice. Like, I’m trying to exert control over what often feels like chaotic inspiration. A recent conversation with another jewelry artist, Hannah [last name], helped me realize that rules (or limitations) are a useful tool in the creative process. Without them I would be paralyzed by the unending possibilities of what I might create. Rules become a way to narrow the focus to complete a project (or a series). Half the journey is just becoming aware of these rules I’m working within, that I’ve set for myself and the project - to identify and name them.

You might ask, what sort of “rules” do I abide by?

Weeeell, for example, with the current line “Color Bound” there’s these following rules and guidelines:

  1. Use found, upcycled and gifted materials (buy nothing new to use in the series if avoidable)

  2. Once the telecommunication wire is used - that’s it, that's the end of the series, move on, make some new things…

  3. Dye the cord to match with the colors of the telecommunication wire - if it doesn’t work aesthetically, then create a new piece that will match the cord. Never let a good crochet cord go to waste! (I suppose this is like 3 rules in one).

  4. Use only the non squashed sections of the telecommunication wire, and

  5. If unable to use a section or offcut, keep every little bit for recycling later

  6. Only pick color schemes in daylight hours (midday is best)

And another, used for repetitive handiwork generally, is to only watch movies or tv series that I’ve previously seen, a surprisingly effective way to loosely gauge the amount of time it takes to complete a specific task.

While not listed here, for almost every step in the process of creating a piece of adornment or jewelry, there are a series of rules that become my guides towards completion.

Then I have a series of personal rules, really specific ones that guide the things I wear and how I obtain them, but this list might be for another email..

And now for some other exciting news….

I’m sharing a few pieces in this wonderful exhibit:

The exhibition opens this Saturday, and ACCI Gallery will be hosting a rolling reception from 1pm to 5pm. In order to accommodate COVID precautions, they’ve divided the reception into one-hour blocks and assigned everyone a window by last name. So should you want to be my guest for the opening, please come by for the 2-3pm showing.

My work will be rubbing it’s metaphorical shoulders with pieces by some Bay Area Greats of the jewelry world. You should join, it’ll be great to have you there!

The nitty gritty: all guests are required to wear masks and social distance, and they will be limiting the number of people in the gallery space to 25 at a time, so there may be a brief wait before entry.

Address of exhibition and reception:

ACCI Gallery (Director Susan Friedewald)

1652 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley CA 94709

Hours of Operation: 11am-6pm M-Sat + 12-5pm Sunday

The Gallery show will remain up until November 7th - so if you’re not able to make the reception, please swing by to see some incredible work anytime during the next several weeks.

Aaaand, there will definitely be future opportunities to see my work in person. :)